Countdown until Mamba Launch



Bigger is definitely better. A Supercruiser is a new class of motorcycle born from our racing heritage. Our motorcycle combines performance street cruiser and elusive touring machine all in one. This NHRA inspired street legal American made Mamba Pro Street bike looks elegant and muscular from every angle. From the all carbon fiber body, hard carbon forks, black chrome, black ceramic brakes, 2 up performance seat, & 2500cc Viper/Ilmor solid billet engine, the Mamba is the complete package – not for the faint of heart. No manufacturer has successfully bridged that gap between street cruiser and touring machine until now.

The large 21” front tire and the smaller 240 rear creates balance, control and an integrated look. The Mamba loves to be thrown into the corners and rides low like a sport bike. The low center of gravity and perfect center of balance allow for very aggressive handling in a long bike. The straight-line performance rips the handlebars right out of your hands. The Mamba engine has pistons larger than a Dodge 426 Hemi and thrives on eating up the pavement, but what really sets this bike apart is how smooth, comfortable, and stable it is. Designed and built in conjunction with renowned racecar builder and designer Bruce Ashmore of Ashmore Designs, this bike looks like it’s going 200 mph standing still.

Production is exclusive to limited editions and quantities. Head down to an NHRA event this fall and see Team Viper, the Mamba Pro-Street and the Diamondback Supercruiser’s that will be on display in the Gottspeed Racing/Matt Smith Racing pit area.